Working at the sea on board of ship is a very popular option for those who seeking a successfully career. Though when you looking to obtain your first job in the industry, you will often find many candidates applying for the same position. The reality is that competition to land your dream job is tough, and to be successful you must not only to be prepared for the recruitment process; you also need to stand out from other job seekers. It is very important even for professional seaman, and they know how and where apply for job and how it difficult without assistance.

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16 Jul
IMO Takes Important Step Towards Electronic Certificates

1. Ballast Water Management Convention
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GOBTC Membership for Bangladesh Marine Academy!

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STCW 2010 Amendments : What you need to know STCW 2010 Amendments : What you need to know

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MARPOL Annex VI & Air pollution

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